Tin roofs

Metal, i. e. tin roofs are cheaper, if price per square meter of material is used for calculation, than the roofs made of other materials, however, it should be taken into account that if a tin roof is to be installed on a building with a large number of slopes in the roof structure, then roofing material waste is likely to be considerable.

Tin roof life expectancy is 15 to 40 years.

Advantages of tin roof 

Wide range of colours 

Your tin roof, i. e. metal roof can be easily made to match the windows, doors, façade of the building etc., because this material comes in a wide spectrum of colours. We always recommend choosing the Ruukki tin roofs to our clients as their roofs do not fade in the sun and also the colour of the sheets will match the sample one that is chosen, which may not be the case for some other metal roofing manufacturers.

Wide range of shapes 

Shape of a tin roof may be chosen to match the architecture of the building as well as your personal taste.

These are the traditional roof shapes for tin roofing:

  • wavy tiled,
  • trapezoidal,
  • classic with a click system,
  • rolled, which forms one undivided roofing.

Tin roof installation and maintenance 

When installing a metal roof, it should be taken into account that it is quite noisy when it rains, however, noisiness can be prevented by mounting the roof in accordance with the right technology.

Condensate can form under the tin roofing. To prevent it from reaching the thermal insulation and the building, an anti-condensate film should be placed under the roofing.

It is also possible to re-paint the roof during its useful life, but 10–15 years after installation of a wavy tiled or trapezoidal tin roof, it would be necessary to tighten up the screws.

Tin roof cost 

Tin roof cost, i. e. metal roof price depends on the area of the roof, thickness, material and manufacturer of the chosen roofing, as well as the roof design of the building. Roof cost can be estimated by visual examination of the building, its design and getting to know your desires.

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