Wood shingle roofs

A wood shingle roof is made of teared wood veneers, which are laid in two or three layers in order to avoid the roof leakage, and to extend the roof life expectancy.

Wood shingle roofing will look great in the countryside, for example, for a log or wooden building. It will give the building an authentic look and a special character.

Approximate life expectancy of a wood shingle roof is 20 to 30 years, when performing a technologically correct installation of the roofing. Our team has experience of installing different types of wood shingle roofs and we execute the works correctly and in line with technology.

Advantages of wood shingle roof 

  • It is ecological — made of teared spruce fir, pine or aspen veneers.
  • Breathable — in winter it helps to keep the building warm, but in summer it does not allow the building to be overheated by the Sun.
  • It is possible to extend the life expectancy of a shingle roof by applying an antiseptic or by painting, thereby protect the roof from adverse weather conditions.
  • Such roof can also be installed in curved shapes.

Wood shingle roof costs 

Wood shingle roof price depends on the area and complexity of the roof as well as on the wood material selected for veneers.

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