Wooden constructions and roofs

High quality wood paneling, wood construction and roofing assembly, repair and dismantling at competitive prices


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Our specialists regularly broaden their knowledge and are well aware of the latest developments in technologies and techniques of mounting and installation of roofs and roof trusses, as well as their repair and dismantling and are therefore able to provide the highest quality and most durable solutions.


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Technology compatibility and the tiniest details are of utmost importance, which is why our craftsmen rigorously implement the specifications and instructions of manufacturer when installing roofs. For us – there can be no compromises on quality and precision.


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We see our work more as a mission, and its objective is a roof, that will protect you and yours from cold, rain, snow, wind and sun for ages. Our goal is to do our work so perfectly, that you would never have to think about your roof again.

Our finished projects

We have completed various types of projects, installed roofs, roof trusses and roofing for private houses, garages, factories and other public buildings. We have performed roof renovation, thermal insulation and reconstruction.

We complete each order with such care and diligence, as if we were building a roof for our own family home.



How we work

Before starting any new project, we carefully listen to the wishes of our customer and investigate the project in depth to be able to offer the most suitable solution in each situation, as well as the most appropriate cost and timeline for installation of roof or roof trusses.

Our customers are 21st century people, for them an outstanding result is as important as pleasant co-operation, therefore, throughout our cooperation with client, we are punctual, we meet our deadlines, we do respect the personal space of our client, and we maintain the surroundings of the building, on which do the roofing works, in pristine condition.

If you, same like our clients, wish to work with trusted professionals, the quality of whose work does not have to be constantly monitored, feel free to apply for a free consultation.

We can perform roof installation anywhere in the world. 

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