Fusible roll-type roofs

Fusible roll-type roofs are recommended for flat or just slightly sloping roofs of buildings. Their installation does not take much time. Technologically correct roof mounting ensures its useful life is 20 to 35 years.

To extend the useful life of the roof, it is being laid in two layers. Our experts recommend maintaining the roof on a regular basis as well as cleaning the snow, if after heavy snowfall in the winter, a thick layer of snow has formed on it, thereby putting a heavy load on the supporting structure of the roof and roofing.

Similarly, when constructing a flat roof, water drainage systems must be very carefully designed so that water would not accumulate on the roof and damage the roof over time.

Fusible roll-type roof cost 

Because of the simple installation and relatively low cost of materials of the roof, it can be safely said that this is one of the cheapest roofings. That is why it is often used for manufacturing and public buildings.

The exact roof costs can be determined by visually examining the building on site and evaluating its design.

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