Asbestos-free slates

Asbestos-free slates are a relatively new type of roofing that resemble well-known slates, but no longer contain the harmful asbestos. Asbestos-free slates are made of cement, lime and cellulose. Asbestos-free slates will serve approximately 25 up to even 50 years.

Advantages of asbestos-free slate roof 


Asbestos-free slates are available in a wide range of colours. They can also be painted at any time after installation, thereby refreshing the look of your roof.

Safe and durable 

Asbestos-free slates are a fireproof material that is also resistant to high and low air temperatures, sunlight and heavy rain or snow. In addition, they perfectly protect from noise and wind. They are resistant to corrosion and rot.

No need for vapour barrier 

Condensate does not form and thus moisture is not accumulated under the asbestos-free slate sheet, therefore a vapour barrier is not necessary when installing such roof.

Asbestos-free slate roof cost 

Asbestos-free slate roof price depends on the area of the roof, thickness, material and manufacturer of the chosen roofing, as well as the roof design of the building. Roof cost can be estimated by visual examination of the building, its design and getting to know your desires.

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