Bitumen shingles

Flexible bitumen roof shingles, i. e. bitumen tiles are perfect for private houses, garages, sheds and commercial buildings.

Bitumen shingles are suitable for pitched roofs of complex configuration and shape, starting from a 12° slope.

Advantages of bitumen shingle roof 


Bitumen shingles are a roofing material very suitable for a modern building, as they are available in a wide array of shapes and colours and can be easily adapted to various roof shapes.


Bitumen shingle roofs last for quite a long time — 20 to 40 years — if they are technologically correctly installed and maintained. Shingles heat up in the Sun and clump together, creating a monolith coating that reduces the likelihood of the roof leaking and provides that this roofing is relatively long lasting.

Bitumen shingle roof installation and maintenance 

Bitumen roofing should be applied on a smooth surface, for example, oriented strand board (OSB), plywood or particle board. It should be taken into account that up to 50 nails may be needed to apply one square meter of roofing.

Regarding maintenance, it should be taken into account that bitumen roofing tends to gather moss, especially on the north side. To prevent this, the roof should be treated with a special chemical.

Note that wavy bitumen shingle sheets are significantly cheaper, but they will serve only 5 to 15 years, so they are suitable for sheds, temporary and other auxiliary buildings.

Bitumen shingle roof cost 

Bitumen shingle roof cost, i. e. bitumen tile roof price depends on the area of the roof, thickness, material and manufacturer of the chosen roofing, as well as the roof design of the building. Roof cost can be estimated by visual examination of the building, its design and getting to know your desires.

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